Billboard Marketing

Billboard perhaps is the one of the oldest means of promotion. A billboard hung in middle of a town or on a busy high way will attract more attention and will cost only a fraction of the  promotional cost in other mediums like television, radio and newspaper. The utility of billboard in promotion can be varied it can be used to reinforce brand presence for example, look at huge billboards of AirTel; the purpose of them is to maintain continued presence in the minds of the people. Then it can be used to for sales promotion- billboards/hoardings of BigBazar, Levis announcing discounts could be example of this. Then it can also be used for creating buzz; footie’s Digen Verma campaign is legendry example of this case.

Looking at the utility of billboards it is very essential for marketers not to ignore this form of communication. This form of communication comes in various forms like street kiosk, displays on taxi, buses and other public transport, on the tickets of movies banners at airports and malls and mobile billboards. Constraints of budget, target segment and brand communication should decide the forms to be used for promotion.

Some of the common do’s and don’ts for bill board advertising are

  • Make sure your brand name is visible from a long distance
  • Use strong, pure colors. Also use bright, contrasting colors because different times of the day(incomplete sentence)
  • Focus on attention phrases instead of complete sentences
  • Don’t add additional messages that dilute the message
  • Avoid using more than 7 words

Remember less is more.

-Varun Joshi

MBA batch of 2012

DoMS IIT Madras


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