Timeless Beauties

“Buland bharat ki buland tasveer….Hamara Bajaj!”

“Maan gaye….aap ki paar ki nazar aur nirma super…dono ko!”

“Namak ho Tata ka, Tata namak!”

“Jo biwi se karein pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise karein inkaar!”

“Mango Frooti…Fresh n Juicy!”

“Vicco turmeric, nahi cosmetic, vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream!”

“Khujli karne waale! B-Tex lagaa le! B-Tex lagaake tu apni (aa aa aa) Daad, khaaj khujli mitale Oye Oye!”

And yes, my personal favorite: “Dhudh..dhudh..dhudh..dhudh…Wonderful dhudh!”

Though I hated drinking milk and never got the affection towards the product but it was an awesome ad. These and many more advertisements can be called as the “Timeless Beauties”- the classic ones in Indian ad industry. You and I may not be the experts in advertising but as customers, we are very important. Companies playing with their products in various market segments have to focus on us. 🙂

They can’t live without our attention. 🙂 Although, many products don’t even exist anymore but their tag lines, jingles, storyboards are still there on the top of our minds. We still recall them every now and then. At least I know many crazy heads using jingles from these classic ads. There are many who were converted into ringtones too. Remember Nirma super and Zandu balm’s ringtones.

And that’s how brands get created. That’s the power of media. That’s the power of advertisements. They help the brand name, they help the product, and they are liked and recalled by almost all of us, even after so many years.

Over the last few years, I have seen many ads which didn’t make any sense. The story, the content was in no way related to the product. After seeing the ad, one couldn’t even figure out what they want to say.

Yet some created history amidst this clutter where possibly everything just fell into the right place at the right time for these classic ads but is it so? I am sure the makers of each of these ads have lots of stories to say: how they pulled out their hair while shooting them, or how the creative team ate each others’ brains to come up with one single line, or how the technology failed them at times. But, they managed the best show because they probably just kept it simple!

The bottom line for all the ads always remain the same: they need to be persuasive, likeable, memorable, easily recalled and must have a focus on the content. It should tell the viewer what the product is all about and persuade him/her to try it. One can make huge big budget ads or simple low budget ones. One always needs to remember: if a customer doesn’t understand your ad, then always blame the ad and not the understanding level of the customer.

The money spent on an ad not always makes it a success but the content of the ad and how it is being put forward always does!

~ Shikha Doherey

Batch of 2012

MBA, DoMS IIT Madras


2 responses to “Timeless Beauties

  1. Totally agreed…and we some really absurd ads coming up these days…Coca cola brrrr.. is one of those! Seems like the ad agency had really gone out of all ideas and words to make an ad for coke.. 😛

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