I’ve got the Power

If someone ever told you that “marketing is a very interesting field” and u felt like saying “Ya Ya, I have heard that a lot”, it is time for you to re-think. It is a field where the weirdest ideas can give you the best of solutions; it is a field where marketers do anything at any point of time. It is not a science; it is the use of common sense in the simplest or craziest manner. Sometimes you might not even know, and they would induce a change in your behavior, in your purchases and even in your passion.


Has this happened to you??

You’re in a supermarket; bought everything you wanted to and standing at the billing counter. You see orbit, wrigleys, happy dent white, and other gums. You just pick a few packets of your favorites then and there and actually don’t think much before doing so; not even whether you need it or not or how many packets do you already have. You feel, ‘it is just a packet of gum yaar! chal 1 aur rakh lete hain J (lets buy 1 and keep it)’. You have just fallen for one of the common strategies used by the marketers’ to induce purchase- placing a right product at the right place, at the right time.


You are flipping through channels on TV. You see an interesting ad of noodles or chocolate with say, a catchy jingle and a cute character and you enjoyed watching it. Next time you are out shopping and you see that packet of noodles or chocolate, you definitely take a look at it. The product has caught your eyes. In case you don’t buy it, you at least take a look at it. May be you’ll buy it the next time or will simply just talk about it and might influence someone else to buy it. Or, you just put a packet in your shopping bag and think ‘try to kar hi sakte hain! (can try it)’ and there, you have bought it. You may be loyal to some brand but a trial was induced by the other, and if the product is good, you will buy it again. That’s the power of ads; that’s the power of marketing.


“Apple”- it might so happen that you NOT think of the fruit but think about ipod, iphone, the brand and Steve Jobs. The guy is an icon for some and the brand is a status symbol for many. If you want to check it on your own, search ‘Apple’ in Google and the 1st page of the search results won’t specify the fruit, anywhere (except an image). That’s the presence of this brand in the world. What has Apple done– they started with being into open source, catered to the needs, became a challenger but always remained kind of niche; not everyone owns a Mac but many have Windows, and Apple has always been happy with this image of theirs. Whenever the word ‘innovation’ comes up, Apple surely does come to our minds. That’s the power of the brand and the power of its marketing strategies.


Anything and everything makes marketing, a ‘challenging’ job. Marketers just love to make that difference in the market with their ideas. It can be through anything- promotion campaign, product’s packaging, advertisement, celebrity endorsements..anything!

Sometimes the simplest idea of a product or its promotion can do wonders and sometimes the best technology, beautifully put concept of product or promotion doesn’t. The challenge is to say more with minimum words in the least time because as the number of words increase or the amount of time, the budget for the campaign simply shoots up 😉 And, of course if the message is not clear and easy to interpret, neither the product nor the promotion campaign will strike a relationship with the customers.

“Be connected to the customers and let your product be there for them” – that’s what marketing is all about. It has the ability to make or break a company. It has the ability to make something or someone ‘the next big thing!!’ And it has the power to revolutionize our living…


~ Shikha Doherey

MBA Batch of 2012

DoMS, IIT Madras


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