Minutes of meeting – MarkIIT, March 20th 2012

Why brands fail –Shivangi Verma

The meeting kicked off with a presentation on why brands fail, by Ms. Shivangi Verma. Specifically,
the presentation focussed on New Coke and how the Coke company should have focussed on its
strategy alone instead of giving a knee-jerk reaction to competitor strategies. Pepsi in its effort to
establish its image as the more popular brand, ran a series of blind tests wherein it emerged that
people liked the sweeter Pepsi better. Coke, unwittingly fell in to this trap and conducted its own set
of blind tests and found that people did indeed favour Pepsi. In response to this, Coke underwent
a rebranding, became the New Coke and also altered its taste a bit. However it only faced a major
backlash from the public, who did not identify themselves with the new beverage and felt Coke had
broken out of its ‘everything America stands for’ mould. Coke understood that it had slipped and
went back to its original brand, saying, “We have heard you America”.

This example illustrates that even though companies must be looking out for competition, they must
be aware of what their core competencies and what they stand for in the market. Changing that
drastically can only result in brand failures.

Link to the PPT:

The Coke Story

Innovo – a start

The first round of i-NNOVO, MarkIIT’s very own marketing competition came next. Participants had
to give a two slide presentation that gave a peep into what their products, daring and impossible,
would be. Here are some of the ideas that were presented.

  1. Intelligent fan – Nishith and Nandini
  2. Sleeping gadget – Arun Kumar and Vijay Menon
  3. Shopping glove – Praneet and Jagadeesh
  4. Super underwear – Sandeep Menon
  5. Papa Mama OK! – Sada and Kumar

Couple of people could not make it to the session and their ideas would be presented in full next


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