And you thought Monday was MUNDANE??!!!!!

Monday Blues..

This picture essentially captures my exact state each Monday – dazed by Monday morning blues! 😦 Every Sunday evening most of us curse poor Monday, wishing for the weekend to last a little longer. Probably Monday also curses its stars that make it bear the entire world’s hatred! Probably it is also jealous of neighbor Sunday which rules as the king of week in terms of fun and frolic. Today I aim to cheer up poor Monday a bit by reminding it of the importance Marketing gives to it and how Monday has been rechristened.


If you have let your imagination run wild, hold your horses as Cyber Monday has nothing to do with your cyber workspace or report deadlines. Relax. Cyber Monday, the first weekday after Thanksgiving, is considered the busiest online shopping day of the year. This acts as a close twin to Black Friday the day immediately following Thanksgiving that, for retailers and many shoppers, is the kickoff for the Christmas season. Coined by Cyber Monday, however, has become the Christmas kickoff for online retailers and shoppers.

The modern junta buys Christmas present online and Cyber Monday is just another excuse to dole out offers to cyber customers to execute their purchases. Various forms of discounts and other incentives act as bait to allure the early-birds and the number of purchases made online purchases made this day is steadily on the rise.

A Cyber Monday web promotional..



Ebay christened the second Monday of December as Green Monday as a marketing campaign for late-season shopping. It marks the online shoppers’ last chance to order items without having to pay for expedited shipping (which usually means the end of free shipping offers).

A Green Monday Ad

Statistics of recent years ( show the increasing popularity of Green Monday as it gives the tech-savvy online customers an add-on incentive to execute the last minute festive purchases without high shipping costs with a click of a mouse.

Here are the stats...

This nomenclature reveals an interesting aspect of marketing- of bottling the same old wine in a new bottle! Traditional practices too include many such variations to spur festive demands or to incentivize the customer to execute the buy right away. The dot com merely takes the same formula and nicely wraps it up in an online avatar added with the punch of a new term. Cyber, Green or Pink- Mondays now have a range of new adjectives to choose from and strangely enough none of these are demeaning! Interestingly and almost out of nowhere, Mondays have shed the bland and unglamorous ‘first boring weekday’ image to a new make-over milestone on the Marketing calendar.

I hope the readers found this story of boring Monday somewhat interesting and that poor Monday doesn’t consider itself mundane any more.

– Moupiya Niyogi

MBA Batch of 2012

DoMS IIT Madras